Alternative DUI Sentencing


California has several alternative sentencing options. In addition to community service and the required Ignition Interlock Device, you might have our attorney ask for “sober living” or electronic monitoring, instead of jail time as may fit your case and needs.

Sober Living

If you are a repeat DUI offender, and if you have to fulfill a DUI jail time requirement, it is often the case that the best alternative is a “sober living” environment. California law specifically includes sober living as a jail alternative and will count days in sober living towards jail time, even mandatory jail time. One day in a “sober living” environment counts as one day in jail.

A sober living environment is also called “transitional housing” and is a house or apartment that contains sober, alcohol and drug free, people commited to sobriety and who participate in structured daily activities, including 12-step programs like AA, and share in the daily chores.

Furthermore, time spent in sober living beyond the jail time required can be credited towards base fines and restitution fines at the rate of $30/day or as the judge sees fit.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring, or “house arrest”, offers the option of allowing you to be confined at home instead of jail. Electronic Monitoring is often a condition of probation for a repeat offender or in a DUI involving injury. The electronic monitoring equipment is an electronic device that attaches to the wrist or ankle and will record and notify whether or not you are in a designated area. Often times it can be arranged that you are allowed to go to work in the day, but must stay at home at night, which is called “work furlough”.

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