Just like a DUI with Injury charged under VC 23153 a manslaughter charge will potentially have lifelong consequences. Accidents involving fatalities are extremely emotional for the families involved. A charge of manslaughter does not mean that a driver should or even will be convicted of manslaughter. After all- every accident is different and so every manslaughter case is one of a kind and every aspect of the case needs to be looked at and all evidence gathered before anyone jumps to conclusions regarding all the factors involved. It’s easy to point a finger at someone and try to hold one person to blame, however often in a manslaughter case there are many overlooked causes and several factors and more than one person or persons involved who may have contributed to the accident.

At the accident scene, CHP often does not do a thorough investigation or analysis of exactly what went wrong and has the MAIT Team, or Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team, come in sometimes days later to make a report with it’s own ideas of what happened and what exactly was the cause. It is imperative that our Investigation team get to the “crime scene” as soon as possible – even before the MAIT Team.

Compounding your situation, is if you yourself have been injured. We understand the difficulty you may be in and will help you through these hard times. It is imperative that you hire an attorney who is experienced in these situations who can help separate emotion and even guilt from the objective reality. You need someone on your side with an outside perspective who is vigorously examining all the facts in the case who will help piece together and tell your side of the story and prove your case.

We have been through this whole thing before and know what’s next and can help you prepare for each step of the legal process. A manslaughter conviction almost always results in significant prison time. You need to call us right away. We are the best attorneys at dealing with charges that involve serious possible prison time. Call us now for a free confidential consultation!

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