DUI On a Suspended License


In California a DUI brings with it an entire set of various penalties and those penalties can vary based on the blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the arrest. Often, our clients face additional charges like driving on a suspended license in addition to a DUI charge! Driving on a suspended license is a second charge with its own set of penalties.<br.
The Penalty for Driving when Priviledge is Suspended or Revoked is covered by VC section 14601. A conviction will result in additional penalty of:

• Not less than 5 days or more than six months in jail

• Fine of $300-$1000

It is not unusual for our clients to be facing additional charges or enhancements with their DUI charge like a DUI along with a driving on a suspended license charge. Often times the cause of the driver’s license suspension itself is because of a prior DUI. In this situation you may find yourself facing two separate sets of charges that each carry with them their own set of penalties. Our attorneys will work with you and with the district attorney and prosecutor to work out the best possible deal for you, this means that even if we cannot get all your charges dismissed, or win at trial, we may be able to get a favorable plea bargain for you. In a favorable plea bargain, some of your charges and penalties are reduced or dismissed if you plead guilty to certain other charges and accept certain other penalties.

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