A common occurrence is that a person will get a DUI in California on vacation, for example. They fly home but now have to deal with the California DUI even though they live in another state. When you hire our firm, we will represent you until your case is resolved, and apart from a full blown trial, we will be able to handle and negotiate your DUI case on your behalf while you go about your business in your home state. We go to court for you.

Most cases don’t go to trial. If we can’t prevent charges from being filed or get the case dismissed, well then usually, a favorable plea bargain can be negotiated to avoid trial.

There are even online DUI classes which meet the requirements for the 3 or 9 month DUI classes penalty for a first DUI that you can take from your home state to fulfill the DUI class penalty that comes with a DUI conviction.

No matter what your situation our attorneys have the experience.

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