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The Newport Law Firm is a prominent California law firm specializing in defending people charged with Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs (DUI and DUID). Edgar specializes in defending drunk drivers and impaired drivers either by alcohol or marijuana. There are many attorneys in California and none of these have the specific qualifications, from experience to education, which he brings to your case. While you may not be able measure the fight in the lawyer, you can look at training and experience to see a lawyer who cares about knowing the law and how she defends clients.

Edgar has been practicing law since 1997.  When not in court fighting DUI cases, he spend most of this time keeping current on all aspects of defending DUI cases and attending training to hone her skills and keeping current on the science of defending DUI and DUID clients.  He follows the changing DMV and Drunk Driving laws to insure his clients get the best defenses possible.

Edgar maintains a solo practice focusing on DUI Defense.  He personally will handle your case and appear with you in court.  He takes time and effort to insure each client’s needs are attended to and each client understands that he or she is Edgar’s only concern.

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